Old Town Palma

The old town of Palma de Mallorca, the historic village of timeless beauty, remains the heart of Design Mallorca. It is here where you can find the best integration of old and new, and the interaction between bohemian and classic luxury. It is here where you find the new generation of creative talent


With almost perfect weather and endless sunshine, Majorca is blessed with a wide variety of flora. Spring arrives early to the Balearic Islands, so gardens bloom with color through out the year

Mallorcan architecture incorporates the outdoors through wide open windows and doors, broad terraces, and cultivated landscapes and garden design


The Entry Gate at Jardines de Alfabia

The Doors are open. Majorcan Design is welcoming. It connects the outdoors to the indoors. It integrates historic and contemporary elements

Although the Jadines de Alfabia dates back to the centuries of Arab rule over Majorca, the estate and gardens continue to inform today’s Majorca Design style

Design Majorca

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